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Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching

On-Site Professional Development

With On-Site Professional Development, the Center provides options for advanced training that is delivered at your convenience. Our services are custom tailored to your needs and environment. We ensure that your school or district receives new tools, awareness, and strategies that support the educational success of today’s learners.

Tailored For Your Needs

The Center takes a long-term approach to support the systemic change you and your organization require. Through conducting assessment of needs; designing specific professional development programs; conducting evaluation activities; and doing the crucial follow-up, the Center is a comprehensive resource for your school. Most importantly, we help meet the needs of new teachers of color and teachers from all backgrounds to work effectively with students from cultures and backgrounds different than their own.


The Center offers unique programs and services designed to meet the needs of everyone who is interested in closing the achievement gap by focusing on practical application and instructional strategies.

Via seminars, workshops, modules and more, we can:

  • Assess needs and develop an action plan
  • Identify strategies specifically designed to meet the needs of individual school sites
  • Design advanced professional development training
  • Implement problem-solving strategies
  • Deliver the Certificate in Urban Teaching on-site
  • Offer follow-up support and guidance on implementing new teaching practices
  • Evaluate the success of the program
  • Train a cadre of professionals from your district or school to serve as an ongoing resource

To learn more about the Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching’s On-Site Professional Development program, please contact us.