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Does the Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching offer a Certificate in Urban Teaching?

Yes. The Certificate in Urban Teaching Program offers advanced preparation focused on the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for academic success with students from diverse racial, ethnic, linguistic, economic, and social backgrounds. Whether you are a new teacher in an urban classroom or a veteran educator in a suburban or rural school, you will gain knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied in your classroom and schools.

Why would I want a Certificate in Urban Teaching?

The most important reason is that it could help you educate your students to be better prepared to live and work in a diverse society and world community. Secondly, there is a great sense of professional satisfaction in feeling successful with the diversity of students in your classes. Thirdly, it shows you have an area of specialty that can help with your advancement in seeking jobs and other leadership roles in education today. It is pretty certain that urban and urban-like teaching is the wave of the future in our country.

How have these courses helped other teachers and other school personnel?

The answer is in their own words:

"I am thinking differently. I am making an effort to include events like Kwanza, and I know why!"

"I would rather attend at least part of a CEUT class than none at all because these sessions ground me in what is important in education, my job, and our community."

"I am examining my own views and I am willing to adjust and change my teaching. I am better reaching at my students now."

"I am so glad I know this paradigm exists and I wish my school district would learn to use it for the sake of all the teachers and kids."

"I can honestly say that I received more information about culture in one week in class than I did in all of my teacher preparation classes, which is a fact that I find astonishing."

How much does it cost?

The cost for a 2-credit semester course is $460. The total cost for the five 2-credit courses to earn the Certificate in Urban Teaching Certificate is $2,300.

Is financial student aid available?

Yes, scholarships are available. Teachers and other educators with three or fewer years of experience may be eligible for a 50% scholarship for URED courses. Experience is counted from the year of initial licensure. For further information and determination of eligibility for a scholarship, contact the Center’s office at 651-523-2416.

Can I use these courses for the Human Relations requirements for Minnesota Teacher Licensure?

Our Certificate courses do not qualify (after Spring 2007) for Human Relations requirements but two other graduate courses offered by The Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching (CEUT) do qualify. These are:

  • URED 7722 Advanced Frameworks for Effective Teaching:Shifting Paradigms for a Pluralistic Society (On-Line)
  • URED 7732: Minnesota People of American Indian Ancestry: Culture, History, Language, and Government (On-Line)
Can I use these Urban Teaching credits for electives in other Hamline School of Education (GSE) programs?

Yes. A student can use up to ten URED credits from the Center as electives for Hamline's MAED program.

Will the Center’s course credits transfer to other colleges?

Hamline graduate credits are accepted by most graduate school programs. However, it always remains the decision of the receiving school as to whether or not they choose to do so in any particular case.

If I already have a Masters Degree can I still apply to the Urban Teaching Certificate program?

Yes. The UT Certificate can enhance the education of a teacher or administrator regardless of other degrees already earned.

How long will it take for me to earn the UT certificate?

On the average it will take about a year and a half. Of course, some students move faster to complete graduate work.

Can I join a cohort or form a cohort of my friends and colleagues for a course or for the full certificate set of courses?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to build a cohort of colleagues. This will enable us to offer the course(s) at your own school site or at another location convenient to you.

Is there any other Certificate in Urban Teaching offered in the state of Minnesota?

No. Hamline is the first and only School of Education that offers a focus on the teaching of urban and urban-like learners.

Are any of the courses offered online?

Yes. Most of the courses are offered online and some currently face-to-face courses will soon be available online. Basic technology skills and use of the internet are necessary to navigate the online courses using Blackboard online course software. See the Hamline School of Education's Online Learning site for more information.

Can I earn a Certificate in Urban Teaching online?

Not totally at this time.

How do I see when the urban teaching classes are offered?

Click here. This link will take you to Hamline's Piperline class schedule. You can search by program and/or term.

How do I register for classes?

Find a course listed in the class schedule section of Piperline (http://www.hamline.edu/classschedules). Each individual course listing will include a link to online registration and/or a mail-in paper registration form.