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Additional Courses

All Additional Courses are transferable into Hamline University’s Master’s Degree in Education program. The amount of credit varies, please refer to each course’s individual page.

URED 7721 (Online) The Real World: Social and Environmental Issues Affecting Urban Learners

URED 7722 (Online) Advance Frameworks for Effective Teaching: Shifting Paradigms for a Pluralistic Society

URED 7726 (Online) Literacy and Learning for Urban Students

URED 7727 The Roots of Violence

URED 7728 Contextualizing Middle and High School Science Courses for Urban-Like Learners

URED 7729 Teaching to the Linguistic Mosaic: Approaches for Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

URED 7732 Minnesota People of American Indian Ancestry: Culture, History, Language and Government

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