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Rosilyn Carroll

Assistant Professor and Academic Director

Teaching Area

Dr. Rosilyn M. Carroll teaches various courses for the Urban Teaching Certificate, has co-facilitated a MAEd learning community and advises students. Dr. Carroll writes curriculum and provides on-site professional development to school districts, non-profits and internally within the Hamline University Community. Her specialties are culture, discipline, motivation, multiple intelligences and resilience.


Dr. Carroll is the Academic Director for the Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching, Hamline University. She is an educator who has taught various graduate and undergraduate courses at universities throughout the United States.

She is a Who’s Who of American Women and was a recipient of a Teacher Training Teachers Fellowship. Dr. Carroll has taught courses in Pluralism, Multicultural Education, Human Resources, Management, Legal Writing, and various other courses.

Dr. Carroll has a J.D., William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota; a B.A. in Sociology from Jamestown College, Jamestown, North Dakota; and 45 credits toward M.A., in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


  • “Unlearning Racism”, Science Museum of Minnesota
  • “The Context is Earth, The Content is Survival and The Process is Education”, Environmental Justice Conference
  • “Education and Spirituality”, MLK Series, National Assoc. of Multicultural Ed. and School Districts
  • “Closing the Achievement Gap”, Pi Lambda Theta
  • “Leave No Child Behind”, NCREL
  • “Teacher Retention & Professional Development
  • “Teacher Retention: A New Way of Thinking, Seeing & Doing”, Bingwa Urban Conference
  • “Preparing Teachers, Staff and Schools for the Urban Setting”, Urban Dialogue for School Leaders
  • “Retention of Urban Teachers through Relevant Professional Development”, Urban Education Conf.
  • “Cross-cultural Communication and Economic Levels”, Minnesota Literacy Council
  • “Culture and Curriculum”, Minnesota Children’s Science Museum
  • “Using the Computer as a Tool to Effectively Engage the Urban Learner in Reading an Writing”, Ties Conference
  • “Writing Multicultural Curriculum”, Mpls. Public Schools, NorthWest Suburban Integration District
  • “Infusing State Standards in Core Curriculum”